Persons with disabilities will emerge stronger from controversy.

Myths in social dialogue tend not to go gently by their proponents. When evidence is demanded by the level-headed public, desperation ensues and some fairly unreasonable claims are leveled. Take racism for instance. In order to justify genocide, propagandized science was invented- that people of different races were not as evolved; genetically inferior, a conspiring mass threat to society, or chosen by God to be cleansed or subservient. Take sexual orientation as another example. We have church leaders on the airwaves proclaiming that homosexual practice is the reason for tragic natural disasters. The science behind any of these claims is exactly zero, and for some reason the logic is desperately grasping at straws. Perhaps the extremists are the last ones to let go of something like this. Perhaps the proponents of misinformation based movements reach out for extremist support automatically. In either case, such wild claims signal the subsiding of relevance. Blaming persons with disabilities for life-taking tragedy is not based in science, statistics, or anything empirical. It is not a well thought-out response from a movement seeking to remain relevant, but more importantly, it has invited rational thinkers to step forward and decry the mythology as just that: mythology. By bringing such a wild theory about persons with disabilities to the forefront of public discourse, the National Rifle Association has made a strategic blunder, and simultaneously converted rational pundits, bloggers, and scientists into disability advocates. The alternatives in this discussion are either to support a myth about persons with disabilities, or support them with facts. What an opportunity we have!

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