Necessity is the mother of invention. Optimism is its father.

The sheer optimism that I feel when I view videos like this one, from Open Source Ecology renews my faith when I’m feeling owned by huge industries like media, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and biochemical dynasties. I believe that industries’ choke-hold on the economy and on my freedom to choose (by controlling what choices are placed before me) can be stifling at times. Imagine a world where you have to choose between just a handful of brands, and they are all owned by the same four corporations? (In some cases, that’s actually totally true right now.) Anyway, back to optimism. Innovations like the open source ecology ideas from this video are simply spectacular to me. You start to hear words like “communal” and “we already have the resources” and maybe you start worrying (or hoping, depending on your mindset) that we’re talking about communism, or socialism, but the video explains we’re talking about localism. How beautiful is this?! … I wonder what a left-wing reaction vs a right-wing reaction to this would be. I wonder what the hippy-types, who work the grocery coop where I buy the greatest milk in the world, think of such things. Seeing things like this makes me want to change careers nightly. 

<p><a href=”″>Open Source Philosophy.</a> from <a href=””>Open Source Ecology</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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